Been in ‘hiatus’ mode for so long! I’d like to update some news ’bout myself…

  • Been so patient to my made-in-Chinese mobile phone, I finally had to give up. The cellphone was really broken. The first symptom was, it turned off automatically while the battery was still full. Then, suddenly I had to use mirror to read messages (yeah, the alphabets were flipped horizontally!). So, I borrowed Dad’s second cellphone for awhile, until he was generous enough to buy a new one for me. Now, I’m now using Nokia E63. I’m in love with this ruby red gadget (and later a friend of mine told me that he has changed his phone unto Blackberry Bold… I must admit that I’m very envious of his Bold hix…)
  • By the end of the previous year, I had a fun holiday with my friends. We traveled around my hometown. Dinner at Jimbaran, playing water sport at Benoa, having beautiful photo-shoot at Ritz-Carlton, GWK, and Uluwatu, enjoying sunset at Tanah Lot, lots of shopping, New Year’s Party at Sector, lunch at the well-known Bebek Bengil (and a piece of the sweet apple pie from Murni’s as the dessert), having seconds of peace at a little spiritual store in Ubud, a day of laziness and doing nothing at Kuta, we closed our holiday by sharing a pitcher of Sangria at Ocean Beach Club. I think our holiday was perfect. I’m longing for the next holiday with friends!
  • Starting three weeks ago, I became a volunteer in my church. I served as a chaperone for children who join the Sunday school. It’s an exhausting job, I have to keep the children listening to the teacher, sing with them (with a little dancing move of course), help them praying, and so on. Last Sunday, it was time for them to join the mass, and believe me, it’s not easy to control so many children and ensure they join the mass nicely. However, I enjoy this Sunday activity so much. I love children, and it’s lovely to introduce God to them since they were so little. I’m so keen about this job that I started to buy children’s book as my reference (besides, I wish that I can transfer my reading habit to my future children, so buying children’s books can be considered as an investment)
  • I think the pressure I had in my job has increased my madness to books. I go to the bookstore more than once in a week. And in my visits I always buy at least one book or magazine. I’m so mad about Benny and Mice’s cartoon stripes right now, and consider buying a set of Twilight series in English.
  • I think I have more time to watch movie in weekends, but so sad that I live in Bali. There are only two cinemas here in this island, and only one of them is comfortable. To add my misfortune, the comfy cinema has no more than two studios, and of course it limits my choice. However, thanks God that I can enjoy Under The Tree and Twilight there.
  • Reading the two previous points, you must catch up that I’m now a Twilight lover. I love that movie so much. The story, the shoot, So classically romantic. I love the scenes where Edward flied with Bella on his back. The scenery was so splendid. A really worth-watching movie.
  • At the end of January, I and my two girl friends sent a birthday surprise for my best friend. It’s fun to hear how surprised and curious he was. It was a spontaneous idea, and we set all things up in minutes, just by SMS! I hope this surprise can make him smile on his birthday…


OK, that’s all from me. Hope that I can post my random thoughts as often as possible in my blog, just like I did before. Wish me luck!