It’s been almost one year since I left my campus life. Facing a new world, a brand new career, I still often remember my university years. I now have bunch of things to be missed…. just mention…

  1. My campus friends…. I really really do miss them all. Miss all the moment we’ve shared together, our struggle, our happiness, our failure, our success…
  2. My old life, when I did things I’m so passionate about… Writing, reading, studying communication, debating, and joining organization… I miss my classes, my lecturers, and (surprisingly) even my papers… Now I realize how I really love communication science.
  3. I miss my novels… I don’t know why, but after working, it’s so easy for me to fall asleep even when I’m reading my favorite novel! Oh my God, think that I must be committed to read again.
  4. I miss writing! As the consequence of my laziness to read, it’s become more difficult for me to write! I have to push my self to write again, at least updating blog regularly…. Becoming a good writer is my deepest dream, and I will make it happens.
  5. I miss the broadcasting world. The teamwork, creativity, shooting, editing… I hope that someday I can follow my passion in broadcasting once again.
  6. Missing my school life… I hope that I will always miss this thing. I want to take a postgraduate degree, so I have to keep my eagerness to study. I’m so excited about the idea of going back to school…
  7. I long for an improvement in foreign language. I think my English ability has decreased lately. And I still want to learn Chinese and French.

Yeah, sometimes we realize how we love something after we lose it. Maybe that’s how life works to reveal our passion. And what is a life without passion?

I will chase my desire. I promise.