Happy news of this week: it looks like I’m losing my weight!

When I came back from Ciawi, everyone said that I’m getting fatter. Thanks for the three-times-a-day big food, snacks twice a day, don’t forget to mention my late night supper during test-preparation nights.

Just some few weeks in Surabaya, I had a serious stomach ache. I thought that it would affect my weight. In contrary, I found that I’ve reached the largest number in my scale (and it was the doctor’s scale, quite accurate, huh?).

Some of my friends at the office often terrorize me by calling me ‘Ndut’ and yelling the word ‘Fat’ at me. They commented on me when I had my lunch or snack (“How come you’ll be slimmer, seeing the way you eat?”). Feeling that they’re somehow annoying, I sent this friendster comment to one of them:

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And then, last week, I’ve got a week full of dinner invitation. BBQ’s (twice!), best friend’s birthday party (twice!), dinner at HoS (part of the event ISBS’08)…. OK, see how they’ll gain my weight, I supposed.

Magically, yesterday, one of my intimidating friends yelled,”Hey! You’re getting slimmer!” He asked me to turn around, and in the end he kept his first conclusion: I’m getting slimmer. For weeks I’ve been trying to convince him that my scale showed loss of some kilos, but he didn’t believe me. And now, he surprisingly confesses that I’m becoming lean. Aha!

Today, I went to a relative’s house. And my aunt also told me that I looked thinner than the last time she saw me.

Hallelujah. What a blessing all through this time 🙂

I would like to thanks (in Academy Award winner’s style):

  1. God of course, for this miracle.
  2. My friends who keep telling me that I’m fat, thanks for your terrors!
  3. Oatmeal, which becomes my breakfast lately (and been bored me, actually).
  4. Emergency stairs at office, you save my life (and tire out my feet).
  5. My yoga mat, reminds me to practice yoga as often as possible.
  6. Last but not least, anyone who has invited me to have dinner, I don’t know in which way I lose my weight after the great food 🙂 

Hope that I can reach my ideal weight I once had in my first year in university. If I can’t, who cares? As long as I’m not overweight and healthy, I’m happy 🙂