I’m back everybody!!!!

OK, first of all, updating news is a MUST. Many friends asked, ‘Ria, how’s life?’. So, here is my answer.

  • Life’s always great, praise God. I’ve passed all my tests during the in-class training. I’m still on my way to become a professional SME banker. I must pass the 4.5 months on-the-job training (OJT), the final presentation or debrief, then finally I will legally become a true banker. Wish me luck.
  • I’ve got so many great experiences in Ciawi. Oh, I really love that place. I’ve got new best friends from all over Indonesia: Lena (Medan), Olivia (Jakarta), Glenn (Jakarta), and Idris (Surabaya). We’ve made a promise that we’ll struggle all the best to get back to Ciawi for debrief. Really miss them all…. (except Idris, I still meet him almost every day, at least until next Tuesday). Oh, I miss a guy named Koko Alung too. I miss winking at him during the class time ;p.
  • I become fatter. Really fat. In Ciawi, I ate 3 times a day (big meals), plus snacks (twice a day). Don’t forget to mention the late-night-supper, especially on test-preparation nights. I ate so much because I thought that if I passed my meals, I would get sick easily since Ciawi is cold and I need good nutrients to feed my brain. Then, my best friends here said, ‘Oh My God Ria, what’s wrong with you? You’re getting fatter!’. OK, it’s time for diet and exercise. But I always give up dieting. To many seduction ;p. And I don’t think that I can join yoga class like I did before. My office hour just doesn’t match with the class time. However, I’ve promised to the Ciawi gank to be slimmer on debrief. So, I WILL MAKE IT. Wish me luck, really.
  • How’s job? So far so good. It’s quite surprising that I can enjoy being a banker. My job is so challenging (yeah, ‘adventurous’ is my middle name, and ‘challenge’ is the way to keep me alive). I’m learning so many new things and I’m starting to use bank terms in my daily chats (clearing, RTGS, window dressing, account payable, and so on) in order to keep them in my memory ;p. But, if I may complain, I don’t feel comfortable with my office look (no uniform, but we must dress in conservative business style, which is actually so not me… I must leave my messy casual style… and have I told you that now I drive, I walk, and I go everywhere with high heels? They’re torturing my lovely feet…), and the office building (so cold…. They set the air conditioners on the lowest temperature I think. I don’t like spending a whole day in air-conditioned building. It’s not good for my health…). Still, I take those inconveniences as my consequence. I must be consistent with my choice.
  • My financial life is really changing. My parents don’t give me money anymore. The good news is, I’m still living in grandma’s house, so I don’t have to pay for my accommodation and food. But, I have to feed the car, which becomes my biggest expense. Yeah, increasing BBM’s price does matter for me. I’m considering going to work with public transport. Overall, after working full-time, I’m getting more cost-conscious. When I was a part-time worker (and still get money from parents), I spent my salary for having fun. Now, I decide to spend my money for something worth. I want to have savings, especially for my future education.

On the whole, life after graduation is certainly different from my previous school life. Like quote in Spiderman, ‘In bigger power comes bigger responsibility’. I’m an adult now, and I have power to determine my life, but on the other side I must be more responsible. Ok, that’s my challenge. And like I said before, challenge is the way to keep me alive. I feel reallllyyyy ALIVE!