Whew! Last weekend was really cool!!! After an exhausting day with 3 exams (Basic Accounting, Cash Management, and Current Account Analysis), we decided to ‘have fun go mad’. I went to the tennis court with my friends, trying to play tennis like a pro, but of course, I played like a fool. Getting frustrated, I went back to my room sweet room, practiced yoga, my favourite sport. I became a yoga trainer for my room mate, and they really enjoyed it.
We then spent the Saturday night going to Cimory. Cimory is a nice place. A kind of restaurant, their speciality is dairy products such as yoghurt and milk. Yummy, and rich of vitamins needed to feed our tired brains. We enjoyed playing in their garden too, being a child once again. Sooo…. refreshing!
The next day, we went to Jakarta. My mission was going to the Cathedral of Jakarta. The cathedral is really cool, with the gothic architectur style.
After the mass, we went to Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua. I didn’t buy anything, because I’m still waiting for my first salary. After graduated from university, I’ve been trying hard not to spend too much money and become financially independent. So, I have to be very picky in case of shopping. I’ve spent so much money lately, buying things for my room here to make it as comfy as possible.
From Mangga Dua, we went to Mal Taman Anggrek. I met two of my friends here, Daisy and Ditta. Daisy is now a PR officer in LG. And Ditta is a marketing communication officer in Cosmopolitan magazine. Me? Thanks God, if I’ve passed the 6-months-training process, I will be labelled as ‘Relationship Officer’. At least, the word ‘relationship’ is somehow related to communication, my lovely world, isn’t it?

After that nice rendesvouz, I felt so sad when leaving Jakarta. I felt exactly the same way every Sunday evening. Oh my God, tomorrow will be a working day, classes again, new materials, new instructors, and new exams…. However, I always try to enjoy my days here. At least, I’ve got new friends, nice room mates, knowledge, and a good salary also πŸ™‚ Just like I’ve said before, this is a job to die for!