I am now having my unpredictable holiday in Jakarta. How come? It’s a long long story and I don’t want to tell about it here. But anyway, I got new experience here. Going to a preschool everyday (the owner is my parent’s friend), I sometimes consider to work as a preschool teacher.

Yeah, I love kids so much. They are cute, nice, and I love their smell. A perfect mix of baby shampoo, baby soap, powder, and sometimes, cajuputi oil. Children always look happy as if they have no problem (and maybe, it’s true).

I had a quite good track record dealing with children. When I visited Makassar, I got a little friend, son of my father’s friend. He really liked me that he cried out loud when I went back home. I was sad too, of course. I remember years ago, my friends suggested me to work as a preschool teacher, because at that time, I was learning origami and I love to teach kids how to do it. Some weeks ago, one of my best friend suggested the same thing. It seems that I will be a good preschool teacher, he thought. But, I don’t think I will take ‘preschool teacher’ job as my first working experience. Later, maybe.

Kids here really drive me crazy! I love to play with them, take pictures of them….  And I feel that they love me in return. On my first day here, a boy in nursery class asked me to go to his house, can you imagine? There are some children with autism here. I put a greater attention on one of them, tried to help him following the class activity.

I will upload the photos soon so that you can see my little friends here! Love them so much, and it will be very sad to say good bye to them….