After a short blogwalking, I’ve read so many posts about Valentine’s day. The taken bloggers wrote about their dates, while the single wrote about spending V-day with friends, or being alone and doing nothing at all.So… how was my Valentine?

Well, celebrating Valentine’s day is certainly not my custom. I usually do something special for Valentine only by request. For example, when I was still in junior high school, my best friends suggested giving chocolate to each others since we were single. So, I bring chocolates for them on that day. Then, when I was a member of student organization in high school, I joined the Valentine’s day committee, making Valentine’s gift to be sold. The next year, I helped my aunt selling her home made Valentine’s gift to my friends. At the time I became the member of student representative (BPMF)  in university, we made Valentine’s chocolate as a gift for persons related to our organization: the leaders of HIMA, the deans of our faculties, and so on. Last year, I got some Valentine’s gift, cookies from Lili (and I forgot to bring it home, so sorry for that), chocolate from Miss Mega and Zefa.

This year, one of my best friends texted me few days ago, asked if I want to join her in ‘Valentine’s Jomblo Party’. Unfortunately, I had reason to refuse. Then she replied, “Are you sure? Won’t it be miserable, being alone at home on Valentine’s day?” I answered simply, “I don’t think so. I’ve never celebrated Valentine, I’ve never had date on Valentine. But that’s OK, I don’t think I will celebrate it even if I have boyfriend. I’m not a romantic person, you know.”

So, on the night when couples went out for a romantic dinner, here I was, sitting in front of the television, having a kind of movie-marathon. First, I watched Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time on Disney Channel. I was curious about the story because of the ads. It’s about how the stepmother stealing the magic wound from the fairy mother, using it to turn back time. She then made the glass slippers fit in the foot of Anastacia, her own daughter, and spelled the prince to marry that girl. Cinderella must work hard to get her love, fighting with the magic that was used to help her. Yeah, I think it’s good enough, at least this movie taught us that love and happiness are not a matter of luck only, we must struggle to get it. The soundtrack (I Still Believe) was sung by Hayden Panettiere, is that the cheerleader girl from Heroes? I want to know. Ah.. it is….

Then, I watched the back to back episodes of Hannah Montana. I love Hannah Montana, so funny and original. It’s a story about Hannah Montana, a teen rockstar that tries to have just an ordinary life off stage. So, she uses the name ‘Hannah Montana’ on stage only, while on the daily life she’s just Miley Stuart, the clumsy, unpopular student. The two episodes are about Hannah’s love story with Jake Ryan the superstar. Jake was in love with Miley without knowing that she is actually Hannah Montana. Then Miley decided to tell him the secret. But it turned to disaster when Miley found that Jake can’t stand being an ordinary person. He has been in his glamorous superstar life so long that he had no idea of being just a normal guy: have to queue up to get his meal, say that he’s thirsty without anyone giving free drinks to him. They broke up and Miley was very upset with her fear that Jake could spread her big secret. In the end, came a letter from Jake, saying that he’s been thinking about what Miley said, and he hope that someday if he can behave like a normal person, he will get someone as worthy as Miley. He ensured that Miley’s secret would be safe. What a sweet puppy love, isn’t it? And Jake is really cute.

My third movie was Hitch. First, I was watching Mean Girls on other channel. Then I found that Hitch was played on Trans TV, and I think that I’m too old for Mean Girls. Besides, I’ve seen a cartoon and a teenage series before. Hitch is really funny. I wonder if there is really a date doctor in the real life. Eva Mendes is really hot in this movie. And the big lesson is: the date doctor just creates chance, but true love is not a matter of how you set strategies to steal a girl’s heart, it’s all about who you really are.

The two quotes I caught from this movie are:

“No gun, no game, no girl.”

“Never lie, never steal, never cheat, and never drink. But if you must lie, lie down on the side of your beloved. If you steal, steal from a corruptor’s company. If you cheat, cheat death. If you drink, drink in a moment so special that it could take your breath away.”

When Hitch was almost finished, I found Meet The Fockers on RCTI. It’s very funny also, you bet, a Ben Stiller’s movie. But I didn’t watch it completely, because I was too sleepy.

So… that’s how my Valentine’s going. I don’t think it’s pathetic. Maybe, just like Jake had no idea of being an ordinary person because he has never been one, I also have no idea spending a romantic Valentine because I have never had it before. And that’s OK for me.