Good bye 2007, welcome 2008!

Before listing hopes for 2008, let’s see how 2007 runs…

Ria on Study

Problems faced:

  • – Failed to be graduate on schedule
  • – Need a long long time working for the thesis because at first she had no idea about the topic
  • – So stressful working for the thesis, it even cut off her appetite (but not her weight…) and her sleeping beauty time (see the black circle under her eyes for detail)
  • – She thought to take a postgraduate study rather than go to language school


  • – Can submit her thesis successfully
  • – According to the advisors, her thesis is good enough, at least it won’t get a ‘C’ mark
  • – So many supports during the hard times, from friends, family, and of course her lovely advisors

Ria on Career

  • – Tried a placement test in a big company. She passed the first test, focus group discussion, and failed in interview. But that’s OK, she didn’t consider to work in the offered division. At least it was a good step for her.
  • – Got some offers, but she couldn’t accept because of the thesis….
  • – Published one new essay on local newspaper
  • – Blogging for fun, while learned to be a commercial blogger

Ria on Friendship

  • – So smooth, her friendship with some friends got closer because they were on the same boat (called thesis….)
  • – Some of her friends got troubles: accident, fail in colloquium, break-up, and so on… she thought that sometimes she couldn’t be a good friend for them all, hope that she can be better next time….
  • – Lots of gathering: going to malls, potluck dinner…. It was harder to keep the friendship after finishing all the classes, they didn’t go to the campus everyday and it means their chance to meet and greet became less than before.
  • – One of her closest boy friends got a girlfriend (his first girlfriend!) and other was single again (welcome to the single world….)
  • – Got some new friends from some events: Communication Parade, PR Week, ISBS, and blogger-gathering….
  • – Failed to fulfil her 2007’s resolution: always remember friend’s birthday….

Ria on Health

Bad News:

  • – On June she found something weird about her body, and the doctor said it was not a good sign. She must have a surgery….
  • – Mentally, she was down because of the bad news.


  • – Because she refused to have surgery, she decided to live a healthy life. She applied for a yoga class (and love it), but she still couldn’t have a good diet.
  • – She is now a health-issue-freak, she reads many health articles, wants to try some new sports, and try some health recipes.
  • – She realised that the best way to live life is just let it flow…. She doesn’t want to force herself too hard anymore (but it’s difficult to do because she’s actually a choleric girl)

Ria on Spiritual Life

  • – Her prayer life turned on and off… either did her bible-study.
  • – She tried to surrender more on God’s will….

Ria on Love Life

  • – Still single
  • – No date at all (except if discussing thesis with advisor counts… of course not!)
  • – She gave all her love to thesis. Books. Thesis. Books. Thesis. Books. In the end, she realised that she can’t have a long-term relationship with thesis….
  • – Some of her relatives started to ask her mother why she hasn’t had a boyfriend in her age. And guess what her mother’s reply was? “I and my husband are ready to face the fact that our children probably will get married in old age.” Other relative suggested her not to have higher education, “When will you get married then?” She wanted to shout out,”Everyone, I’m just 22 years old!!!!” (“And your cousin has already become a mother in that age, Ria.”)
  • – Her friends said she was too picky and dumb that she let her boy friends be taken by other girls… it made her thinking and thinking, and the conclusion is there’s no chemistry with those boys, so, why does she have to be in a relationship with one of them?
  • – Falling in love? She started to think that it’s just in fairytale.

Overall, 2007 was a tough year for me. But in my new year’s prayer, I thanked God for his continuous help in the arduous moments. I believe that there’s no temptation above my ability. For every temptation, there will always be a way to escape, and I will be able to bear it.

And then, what are my hopes for 2008?

On Study:

  • – I hope that I can pass the thesis court well enough.
  • – I hope that I can submit my thesis for scientific journal, or even publish it as a book.
  • – I hope that I will get my bachelor degree this year.
  • – I hope that my graduation day will go smoothly without any accident….(I’m a clumsy girl…)
  • – I hope that I can get my dream postgraduate program (University of Indonesia, or even study abroad by scholarship…)

On Career:

  • – I hope that I can get a good job with a good salary (but the experience is the most important). Hope that the job will be related with my interest in communication and media world.
  • – I hope that I can be a successful commercial blogger.
  • – I hope that I can have a good invest for my future.

On Friendship

  • – Must remember friend’s birthday and send them birthday greetings
  • – Reply all e-mails, messages, as soon as possible
  • – Become a better friend

On Health

  • – Have a good diet
  • – Have lots of exercises
  • – Gain more information about health issue

On Spiritual Life

  • – Pray and study Bible regularly
  • – Never miss a single mass
  • – Surrender on God’s will… have a greater faith
  • – Try not to be consumptive and just buy things I really need, not things I just want to have. There are lots of people that even can’t buy their basic needs. Besides, buy reduce unnecessary shopping, I can save the nature also (because it will also decrease the garbage). Even if I can earn money by my own, the best way to use it is saving and giving to the poor.

On Love Life

  • – No target at all. I just want to keep my heart with all diligence. I don’t want to be a desperate single girl who picks a wrong boy just for the ‘in a relationship’ status. It’s always worth waiting.
  • – I want to be a better child in family, better sister, better friend, better in every role I have.

So, time’s running….. I welcome 2008 with the best hopes and wishes. I’m excited to face the future!