Yay, Christmas is coming! I’m so excited waiting for the merry day. I love preparing special outfit for celebrating Christmas at the church. And this year, I think I’m going to wear this kebaya. Why?

k1kecil.jpg#1 It’s an Indonesia traditional clothe. I want to show God how grateful I am being an Indonesian. Besides, I’ve learnt so much about Indonesian culture lately (you know, it’s the thesis that matters).

#2 Indonesian and Chinese, both are my roots. Kebaya is a perfect blend of Indonesian and Chinese culture. Have you ever heard the term ‘kebaya encim’? At first kebaya was worn by Chinese people living in Indonesia. It was a modification of Chinese cheongsam. My late grandma (Dad’s mother) wore kebaya every day. So did my great grandmother (Mom’s grandma).

#3 In Bali, you can see people wearing kebaya in daily life. Balinese wears kebaya especially when they conduct their religious rituals. Even if they’re not Hindu, they still carry on this tradition. So, you can find people wearing kebaya at church too.

#4 This kebaya is not a new thing in my wardrobe. My mom bought it for me at the beginning of this year. It was her friend who wore this kind of kebaya at work, in order to celebrate the Mother’s day. We asked her where to buy the kebaya and we found that it wasn’t too expensive. But I haven’t worn this kebaya till this day because I can’t find the right time to wear it. And now I can wear it on Christmas! Yippie!


I just hope that I can lose weight (2-3 kilos please…) so it will fit me better. I’m getting fat recently…. Need to have exercise regularly again…