with-bos.jpgWho is that guy? No no no, he’s not my boyfriend!

I first saw him 10 years ago when we were still in junior high school. I was a newbie while he was one of the student orientation committee. I asked him to sign my student orientation book via an acquaintance. I got his signature, said thanks and that’s all.

Three years again I asked for his signature for the second time. It was a matter of high school orientation too. I got his signature, said thanks and just it.

Can’t believe that three years again I met him again in university. We were in the same department and he was one year before me. I still asked for his signature, not once, twice, or even three times. I did it for one year. And I got his signatures, said thanks, but that’s not all.


We started a friendship that should have been begun years before. He put me as the second person in a student organization he led. He gave me a long to-do-list every week, phoned me almost every night, asked me for letters and notes, got mad at me every time I made mistakes. One year has passed. We said thanks and good luck to each other. But our friendship remained.

Is he a good friend for me? Let me tell you.

He always forgets my birthday.

He just calls me when he can’t help himself.

He doesn’t reply my messages, it happens so often.

Sometimes when I have important things to say to him, he doesn’t answer my phone, neither calls back.

He makes my crying easily by just saying a word.

I hate to see his eyes getting bigger and bigger when he gets mad (Thanks God my eyes are small).

He said bad words to me, and I said bad words back to him.

At times he makes mistakes to me and doesn’t say sorry.  

We had a ‘yoyo’ friendship that sometimes I wonder how come we still be friends.


He’s someone that I can talk to when I face big problem because occasionally he can be a good advisor.

He was one of a very few boys whom I feel secure to tell about my health disorder.

He told me some of his deepest secrets.

He has been my role model in the last four years (well… it was an accident… but in some cases, I followed his path. For example, both of us became the head of division in student orientation committee, although we’ve never been in that committee before. Both of us published some articles in the same newspaper. Both of us nearly had chance to work in a same company. Both of us graduate off schedule. On our seventh semester, both of us have been offered to fill a position in student board, but we rejected. That’s why I always wish him luck, so I will get the same luck also… But I wonder why in love life we had different fortune: I remain single while he has been in a relationship twice in the last four years, and he always had pretty girlfriend while I got troubles with bad boys grrr….)

He motivates me to write and publish.

He always supports me whatever option I choose.

He is the boy I consider as my brother, a brother I never had before (I’m the first daughter in the family, and I got only one sister).

Four years ago, when we began being friends, I was in big trouble and was clueless. I believe that God sent him as one of the angels to help me through the arduous moment.

Today is his birthday and I don’t wanna greet him. Yes, it’s my revenge for always forgetting my birthday. But I pray for his success, wish him all the best, and hope that we will always be friends. I pray that he can reach his dream and get the right girl to be his other half. I pray for his family, his parents and sisters. May God bless him abundantly, forever and ever.

(I hate to say) happy birthday Bro…..