His real name is Victor Vidal Paz, but he likes to introduce himself as ‘Django Mango’, especially on his CD covers. Born from a Catalan mother and Spanish father, he has traveled to 80 countries. Not just travel, he often creates something from his adventure in a country. A documentary movie about Alor Island is his newest creation. And that’s how I get to know him. He is one of our clients in AVB editing studio.


I admire him because of his great talent in music and art. He plays good music; most are inspired by particular cultures. He also can speak in 12 languages. Besides his native language: Catalan and Spanish; he can speak English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesia, and some others. Knowing that I am an Indonesian born Chinese, he even greeted me in Chinese.


As a client he is very nice. He never complained rudely. If he was late in an appointment with the editor, he wouldn’t ashamed to say sorry. If he saw that the studio crews were tired, he would offer some drinks –coffee or cola- for us all. He spoke to everybody, greeted everybody, interested to know everybody.


Just because I’ve done some dubbing for his movie (just a very few seconds sound), he thanked me by giving a musical CD. The title is Secrets of The Yellow Emperor, with bamboo flute, flamenco guitar, vocal, harp, and Indo-Afro-Cuban drums. The music was inspired by a story about a Chinese emperor, from his book that entitled same as the CD.


Mr.Vidal, me and Shakana Moon. The sitting guy is the editor, Mr.Rida.

He also loves Indonesia. He said that Indonesia is the world most extraordinary ethnic kaleidoscope. For example in Alor, an island smaller than Bali, you can find 50 tribes, each has its own language. Some of the people have never seen TV and never meet westerner. But according to him, the Alor people are, like other Indonesian, very warm, open, nice and fun. He really enjoyed playing music, mask, and puppets with them.


Watching his movie, I must confess that as an Indonesian I miss many great things about my country. In Indonesia there are still many great things to be explored : we still have very clear sea water, very great colors in the sky, richness in art as part of our culture… yes… we should be proud of being Indonesian. Thanks so much to Mr.Vidal who opened my eyes by his movie.


And where is Mr.Vidal now? He’s on a trip to India. He’ll celebrate Christmas with his mother and brothers in Spain, and then he’ll be ready for his next adventure in Africa. He always travels. It’s his way to live his life. He feels alive in a new place, meeting new peoples with new culture. That’s why he chooses not to get married. He highly recommended Himalaya, Sahara, and Antarctica as places you must visit before you die. Yes, he prefers wild places rather than ‘normal’ ones. As in Alor, where he felt very free to express himself, act with his instinct just like a wild animal. Quoting a statement from CG Jung in Mr.Vidal’s movie : “The more civilized and complicated man becomes, the less able he is to obey his instincts. His complex living conditions are strong enough to silence the voice of nature.” No wonder he mentioned eagle as a mirror that he reflects. He’s really like eagle. Always dreams to be free, flying from one place to another, alone but not lonely.


From our very short meeting, I’ve learnt a lot from him. Learned not to limit myself with worry, learned that ‘no risk no fun’. Learned that somehow reaching our own dream is more important that obey other’s will on us. He really shows that spirit, by his lifestyle, by his work. I can catch a young and wild spirit in him, while physically I think he is about 50-60 years old.


As he stated in one of his songs (this is an English translation from the Spanish lyric) :             

Adventurer, adventurer, don’t be afraid of dying            

 Because the most precious diamond is the excitement of living intensively             

Nothing more bitter than feeling guilty for not having fulfilled our dreams            

 Slaved by our insecurity and conformity

Don’t tell me where to go, I think for myself

A love for simplicity is a love for freedom

My grandmother said to me :
“listen to advices even if it is to do the contrary”

Don’t let your fear impede living your dreams

Only for the brave, happens extraordinary things……


I do hope that I can meet this great guy again… really nice to know someone like him. And I hope his movie will be presented on TV, so you all can watch it also…

NB : I wrote this a year ago.  Sometimes I send e-mail to Mr.Vidal when he’s not on trip.  And I still love watching his movie about Alor. I hope that I can meet him again….