After waiting so long, finally…. on September 9th, I watched the TV premiere of High School Musical 2. The first 5 minutes was odd because the Disney Channel Asia dubbed it in Malaysia *Gosh*. Thanks God, the rest of the movie was in English again.

Comparing this with the prequel, I love HSM 1 more. But HSM 2 is not bad also. The story is about the summer vacation of East High School’s students. They had their summer job in Sharpay’s resort. Actually, Sharpay wanted to give the job to Troy only, since she was in crush with him. But where there was Troy, there would be Gabriella, Chad, Zeke, and other wildcats crews. So Sharpay’s resort was full with her schoolmates. Could she get Troy’s heart? How about Troy’s relationship with Gabriella? Of course this movie ended up with happiness.


What do I like about this movie? Well, let’s say….

1. The soundtracks. As usual, HSM always come up with nice songs. They got two versions of You Are The Music in Me (Ashley Tisdale-Zac Efron or Vanessa Hudgens-Zac Efrons), I Don’t Dance (Corbin Bleu-Lucas Grabeel), Bet On It (Zac Efron),  Everyday (Zac Efron-Vanessa Hudgens) and so on. I love all the songs, they are great, and I’m downloading them right now.

2. The dance! Kenny Ortega is really genious! I’ve seen him in a HSM Behind The Scene, teaching the casts how to do the dance. I think he is as old as my father, but his dance is great! Especially the dance in baseball court, very sporty and cool!

3. The cinematography. As a director, Kenny Ortega is good too (and of course- his art director). The shots are very nice, exploring the beauty of the settings. It is very colorful and summer-look.

4. The wardrobe. So niceeee!! Especially Sharpay’s outfits! So princess-look! I love the summer dresses, so cutee…..

5. The casts of course. Zac Efron is still very cuteee… Vanessa looks fresher because of her new haircut. And Ashley is so adorable as always, I like her the most. I heard that Vanessa’s nude picture was found on the net, and I’m very sorry to hear that. I wonder how Zac reacts to the news, since he is Vanessa’s boyfriend -both on screen and in real life.

6. The summer atmosphere. So fun…. Summer vacation… I desperately need it….

7. The romantic scenes between Troy and Gabriella. So sweet and so high-school. Don’t ask about the chemistry. They’re couple in the real life.

I do hope that this great movie won’t end up as another copycat movie in Indonesia, just like the prequel that was vulgarly ‘adapted’ by Idola (RCTI) and 12 Lilin (Indosiar)…..