Few days ago, I received a comment on my blog. Adri, the commentator asked me for help, he needed to know how to contact a veterinarian whom I mentioned in one of my posts. He said that his lovely bird was badly sick and he wanted to give it a better medical treatment because the first treatment was not good enough. Too bad I got online few hours later. I immediately sent him the contact by mail.


He thanked me a lot. And then I knew that actually, he lived in Bandung. The bird belongs to his family in Sidoarjo, close to Surabaya. He has forwarded the information to his family and they would bring the bird to the veterinarian the next day.

I did hope that my information would be useful for the panic family. I know what it’s like, seeing your beloved pet in agony. I remembered the night my mom told me that Mio has gone; it was such an arduous time for me. I cried along the night, while my sweet memories with Mio came across my mind.


The next day, I got a new mail from Adri. The subject was ‘Too Late’. And yes, it was. The bird has gone before the family brought it to the veterinarian. I felt terribly sorry about that. If only I checked my e-mail before, maybe the bird could get the medical treatment right in time. But I know I could do nothing about that. I just could reply the e-mail to show my sympathy.


But the positive side is; I then find that my blog can be useful for others. From by blog statistic, I see that maybe, Adri got the link to my blog from the search engine, when he tried to search ‘the best veterinarian’. Yeah, maybe it was too late. But Adri said that at least he and his family had a new hope that night.


I remembered when Ms.Yola, my lecturer, asked my blog address. Later, she sent me mail that answered my question why she was so curious about my blog. It was one of her friends, a lecturer also. He read my post about how I admire Ms.Yola. One day, Ms.Yola told him she was so tired of her job. Then he responded that she should not have felt like that. He said that students actually had a high expectation of their lecturers. He asked her to read my post.


Ms.Yola let me know that she discussed my writing with that friend. They got input from it: motivation to be a better lecturer. She thanked me and asked me to keep writing. Just like Adri said in his newest mail.


Gosh, I feel so blessed knowing how my simple thoughts, stories, and reflections can bring such effects. I didn’t even mean that, I just simply wrote and wrote. Their feedbacks (and of course other comments also) motivate me to keep maintaining my blog. I get joy, serenity, a very good feeling that hard to be explained, when I can do something good, something useful for others. Maybe this is what sista Jennie means when she wrote about ‘The Joy in Giving’.


Thanks Adri, thanks Ms.Yola, for giving me the feedbacks.


Thanks dragonzone readers, for keep reading my blog and giving me comments.


Thanks sista Jennie, for inspiring me by your post, I’m proud that I can pay it forward as you want.


And the most important is, thanks God, for making me a channel of Your bless by my blog.