Wow! For two days I’ve been so busy with my first job interview. Actually, I didn’t plan to apply for a job. It happened accidentally, when I joined the ISBS program. On the third day, the HR division of HM Sampoerna asked us whether we want to have a placement test. Then we had the test the next day. From the three types of tests, for me the verbal was the easiest. I ran out of time doing the numerical and abstract tests. So I didn’t expect that I will pass the test.

Surprisingly, the HR phoned me on Friday. She said that my test score is high enough to the FGD on Monday. It would be the second test. If I can pass it again, I would go to the interview session with HR and user. I was so shocked because it was beyond my expectation. Actually, I also refused to work for a cigarettes company.

But then I decided to go. Even Sampoerna is a cigarettes company, I’ve already fallen in love with their good values and profesionalism (thanks to the ISBS, it was really worth the Best PR program award – they successfully changed my mind about working in cigarettes company). Besides, the chance to work in such a big multinational company may not come twice in my life. If I’m failed, at least I had my first job interview experience.

Yesterday was the FGD. They splitted us into some little teams contain 5 persons. We had to discuss about a case and present the result in front of the floors. From 15 people joining the last FGD shift that day, only 5 people can go to the next step. Including (surprisingly again) me!

So, today I went to the Ibis hotel again to have the interview. It was so….. long and exhausting. The first interview took 1 hour, half in English and half in Bahasa. So did the second one. Totally I spent 2 hours for the interview session. And the bad news are:

1. Sampoerna is looking for some people to fill the Operation or Sales division. Both divisions are not so me! I want to be placed in General Affair (Public Relations, especially Media Relations), or Marketing. But they had no vacancies for those divisions. I will pray for people in those divisions, hope they will get a higher position so the company will seek for some newbies to fill their previous position.

2. The interview questions are so unpredictable. I thought so long before answering one. I don’t think it will impress the interviewer…. and I will get the result of this interview session in 2 weeks…. must waiting so long….

3. If my lucky mode is still on and I can go to the next test, it will be a case study with presentation to the board of directors….. can you imagine? And then the candidates must have a medical test to ensure that they are healthy enough to work for Sampoerna. So, my possibility to be recruited is still very small…. 

So, I don’t expect much. Passing the written test and FGD is great enough for me. The HR also explained that if I’m failed in this stage, they will keep my database, so if they have new vacancy later they can call me.

But still, deep in my heart, I’ve already dreamed about working in Sampoerna. Wearing that batik uniform, sending e-mail with the new e-mail address from….  of course I will check my e-mail as often as possible, because they will give me blackberry hahaha…. I’ve even thought to treat my friends if I get the job (my wildest imagination is going to SETC-a place where Sampoerna trained people to be entrepreneurs- to buy one of their cows named Ronaldo, and making a BBQ party with its meat… isn’t that cruel hahahaha….) -> maybe that’s why my interview was not good enough, too many wild imaginations…..