Note : I wrote this essay for my assignment in English 2 class. I think it would be great sharing some of my best assignments here in my blog. Happy reading! =) 

A worried mother has just known that it would be dangerous to give birth to her baby. Besides, the doctor told her that the baby would be a disabled (deaf). If you were that woman, what would you do? In the second case, there was an unmarried woman who got pregnant. In her culture, pregnancy before marriage was a big offense and it could bring the woman to capital punishment. If you were that unmarried woman, would you still continue your pregnancy? If you choose to abort the first baby, you would kill Ludwig Van Beethoven, a well-known musician. And if you abort the second, you would make a very big mistake, killing Jesus Christ the human savior. Some people always think that abortion is the mother’s right and – in special cases – it is a good solution for saving the mother’s life and the baby from lack of love or disability, without consider that the baby has a right to be alive, giving birth has less risk than abortion, there are so many orphanages to take care of that unwanted babies, and the baby may become a great people someday.         

Many pro-choice supporters legalize abortion with the reason of woman’s right to use her reproductive organs. Even John Kerry, one of the current US president’s candidates, agreed to this idea. His personal opinion became a controversy because he is a Roman Catholic, which forbids abortion in all way. Well, the pro-choice supporters (and also Kerry) forget that babies also have human right to be alive. It is unfair to neglect one’s right while you try to defend another person’s right, isn’t it? 

But how if a mother needs to do abortion in order to save her own life? In this case, it will be dangerous for her continuing her pregnancy and bear her baby. Is abortion the only solution of this problem? Think twice! Abortion itself has bad effects, physically and mentally. It may cause cancer and sterility to the mother, and disability to the survive baby. It brings guilty feeling, trauma, or even mental disorder. Keep giving birth is safer as today medical technology has more solutions to solve the problem of high-risk pregnancy. Besides, it may not bring mother to death. Emilia, the mother of Karel Wojtyla (better known as Pope John Paul II, the spiritual leader of billions Roman Catholics in the world) was one of the survive mother from high-risk pregnancy. So, even in the high-risk pregnancy case, giving birth is better than abortion.         

People also argue that abortion is needed when the pregnancy is unwanted. Maybe the mother already has many children, she is unmarried, or she is a victim of rape. If she must give birth, she cannot give the born baby enough love and care. So, should she abort her baby? The answer is absolutely no! There are still so many orphanages or sterile couples who want to take care of the baby. If you don’t want the baby, you can give it to them rather than kill.        

When the doctor informs that the baby would be a disabled, many parents think to stop the pregnancy. It will spend much money and care to raise a disable kid. The kid will really depend on them for a lifetime. The kid won’t have a bright future. They also worry about what people say. But they don’t think that if they want to struggle, they can make a disable child becoming a great people. Beethoven was a good example. It is God that determines one’s destiny, including the disabled.          

From the explanations before, it is clear that abortion has more disadvantages than benefits. It is true that abortion is a matter of choice, but you must choose the best one anyway. And the most important point is you have to believe that when God gives you a baby, He also makes you able to raise the kid. Don’t let your fear get bigger than your belief. Remember, if the women above chose abortion, there would not be Beethoven, John Paul II, and Jesus Christ in the world!