She entered the class confidently in fashionable clothes and sleek hair. For me, a first-semester-student, she looked like a stewardess rather than lecturer. She was so stylish, so cool, beautiful and slim. I thought that her class would be serious but fun.
She spoke in very good English. Of course she did, she was graduated from English Department. I even thought that she couldn’t speak Indonesian. She could, she is an Indonesian. But because she spoke English more than Indonesian, at the beginning her Indonesian sounded weird for us. So, we greeted or asked her in English outside the class.

At that time, I never imagined that someday, this lecturer of my English 1 class would be more than a lecturer for me. Not even when she gave us a hand-made card to motivate us in our final exam. Not even when my dean said that she would be our full-time lecturer. Not even when we met again in my Semiotics class.

But then, we got closer by chance. First, when she became our facilitating lecturer in PR Week 2005. We celebrated her birthday eating sate at the Satay House Jakarta. We slept in the same room, ate the same food, felt the same way when all of the teams failed in the first round. We eavesdropped her phoning her German fiancé. There was a moment when she got mad at everybody because we didn’t keep our promise to her. I thanked God that she is a very fair person; she doesn’t have a grudge against us. After that night, we’ve made everything clear and we never talk about that until now.

Our first dean, Professor Thomas, picked her to be the person in charge for the student activities. She was very good doing this task. She didn’t complain joining our student camp. It made me saw her as a tough woman, hiked together with us, helped us in the hiking games. My first impression about her changed. I didn’t she her as a feminine woman again, she is boyish! There was a problem in that camp; me and her were responsible for that, both of us felt guilty, then we prayed together and magically, the problem was solved. It brought us closer.

I took her classes again, in Cross-Cultural Communication. I can see that she always tries to increase her teaching quality day by day. Her classes become more and more interesting, though we must have more and more assignments as the consequence. She never teaches exactly the same material, because there must be something new every semester. It happens also with her assignments.

I still remembered how she asked us to analyze a printed advertisement and a movie in Semiotics. She made me watched Mulan for about 4 times because I had to write all the dialogues in order to analyze it. In Cross Cultural Communication, I watched Wedding Banquet which made me and my friends laughed out loud, almost forgot that we had to analyze that movie. But then came new assignment that made us watched Crash which was a quite complicated movie. And in my final exam I got a new experience interacting with people at Cindilan Market. It became a tragedy because my computer was error one day before the deadline of final paper submission. Luckily she understood my case and let me submit it later.

Not only good in teaching, she is a good leader. Just one year after become our full-time lecturer, she was inaugurated as head of the Communication Study Department. Unfortunately she was sick just few days before the inauguration ceremony. We went together to the hospital; brought our special ‘gift’ because it was her birthday (the hospital was so silence until we came). Until this day I still thought if only she was healthy, she would be the most fashionable woman in her inauguration.

In case she is very care about the student organization and its activities, we often talk about the topics until these days. I thought that after I become nobody (not a member of student organization), we won’t talk about it again. I was wrong. You still can find me and some of my friends in her office, talking about the student organization, the student committees, or the programs. Sometimes the chats can be so personal.

Anyway, if I don’t consider her just as my lecturer anymore, then who is she for me now? For me, she is my best friend. I shared many things with her, even when I was down because of my undergraduate thesis. She is my motivator, because she can motivate me to keep focus on it and not care about other’s opinions. That was mean so much for me. She is my hero, she helped me a lot in my study and I will never forget it. She is my teacher, because she teaches me not only semiotics or cross cultural communication theories, but also life lessons.

I feel so sad since she will leave our department next month. I hope that she’ll stay, helping me in this undergraduate thesis, being with me in my graduation day. But it’s her decision because she will get married and maybe live in Germany. I hope that she won’t forget us; we love her so much. It will be so much tears falling in the C building in her farewell. That’s why I write this blog, to keep our memory together and tell her how lucky I am to have her in my life. Love you Ms. Yola…. we’re gonna miss you so…. (and now I can hardly keep my tears, they are falling down from my eyes….)