You know what? I’m falling in love! He’s 34 years old, British, a success businessman who built a great financial PR consultant in London and New York. Tall, handsome, mature, romantic…. he’s just so perfect (except his mom, I think I’m gonna have problems dealing with her).

Unfortunately, he’s not a real man. He’s just an imagination of Sophie Kinsella in her series Shopaholic. Oh, wish there’s a real Luke James Brandon here in the earth… hehehe…

Yeah, this is not the first time for me, falling in love with a character from a book, TV series, or movie. When I read Little New York, I wish Daniel was real. I was also impressed with Ben Stiller’s character in 50 First Dates. And also with Masumi Hayami in Topeng Kaca series…. and… many others…

But finally I have to wake up in the real world and find out that there are no man like them. Mmm… maybe there are some, but I’ve never found them until this day.

Sometimes I think, are those characters ‘real’ (I mean, maybe the authors have real experience which inspired them to make characters as men they found in their real life)? Or maybe they just come from the wildest imagination of the author? Can you imagine a man who survives his girlfriend’s shopaholicness?

I hope they are really alive. Not because I want to know them and then really fall in love with them. But because I’ve found so many bad guys in this earth. However, if those men are alive, I’m sure they are not available hahaha….

Actually, from those characters, I can find the personality of my dream spouse. First, he must agree with the idea that woman and man are partners with the same position. No one is greater than other. So, there will be no statements like : “Cooking, raising kids, and taking care of the households are women’s job” or “Man is the only one who responsibles for the financial of the family” or “Working women should have lower salary than their husbands”. Living in a very patriarchal world, I’m tired with men who always put women after them. It’s not the concept of partnership I want. I’m not feminine, but I’m feminist anyway.

Then, I don’t expect a perfect man. Nobody’s perfect. But what I want is a man who’s brave enough to confess his weaknesses. And then we can work hand in hand to handle problems related to it. I think relationship of man and woman should be based on exclosure, trust and help each other. There will be no ‘my problem’ or ‘your problem’, but ‘ours’.

Yeah, maybe that’s why I’m still single. Although those qualifications are simple, there are very few men who have them. I’m living in a patriarchal world….