the cool movieI’ve just seen one of my favorite Disney Channel Original Movie, High School Musical. This was the pop-up edition. Some pop-ups came along the movie, telling so many information about the scenes. Very great ideas!

High School Musical has a good story. Troy was a basketball star and Gabriella won rewards in chemistry. But they have a hidden talent, singing! One day they made their drama teacher impressed and gave them one more chance to get main roles in a musical drama. But their friends tried to make them cancelling the callback audition, because they want to keep Gab and Troy’s heads in the ‘game’ (they want Troy to focus on his basketball league, and Gabriella on her science decathlon). Whatever happened, they just realised that they would chased their dreams anyway. In the end, their friends helped them to get it!

Simple, but that’s teens life. This movie brings some nice messages to teenagers, such as :
1. Don’t be afraid trying to do new things. Sometimes you can find your hidden talent. Gabriella and Troy never knew that they are talented singers, until they are pushed to sing in a new year’s party.
2. Sometimes, you must pretend to be other people just to be accepted in a community. This phenomenon often happens to teens (in this movie, they call it ‘peers pressure’ – when your friends make you follow their habits, their hobbies, and so on; if you are different, they will isolate you). But actually, being yourself is the best thing to do! Troy and Gabriella have chosen to be them selves, and it made them winning the role in the audition!
3. True friends love you just the way you are. They will always support you, even when you do something that is unusual to them. Just like Troy’s basketball team finally support him to join the callback audition.

The underscores and songs in this movie are also outstanding! I’m thinking of searching the soundtrack album in the music store. Other great things about this movie are the choreography and sets. The set designers put many red colors to show young spirit and high energy level. It’s cool!

I was so angry knowing that Indonesian made a TV series that have the same story as High School Musical. They even copied some of the choreography! It is so unfair! Imagine how the real filmmaker thought and worked hard to produce this movie, and someone else just easily copy their idea? Oh my God, and how can the TV station keep buying that kind of series – the copycats?

However, I love this movie so much, and also other Disney Channel Original Productions. You must see The Guardians, Cheetah Girls, I’ll Be Home For Christmas, Wendy Wu The Homecoming Warrior, Legend of The Ring of Fire…. their series are also entertaining, just see the famous Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven, Suite Life of Zack and Cody…. They always have good messages, great audio-visual quality, and of course, a professional team behind them. Wish someday I can work with that kind of team….. who knows someday I can join Disney Channel production team?